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Core HR Services

Strategy & Planning

MSPIRE Helps startups to make strategy and Planning which involve developing and implementing effective human resource solutions which align with organisational goals to optimise workforce performance and drive business success.

Policy Frameworks

MSPIRE entails establishing a set of guidelines and procedures that govern employee behaviour, ensure compliance with legal requirements, and promote a fair and inclusive work environment.

Talent Review

MSPIRE provides effective talent review solutions with comprehensive assessment process that evaluates the skills, performance, potential, and development needs of employees to identify high-potential individuals and create effective succession plans for key positions within an organisation.

HR Audit

MSPIRE helps companies in HR audits which is a systematic evaluation of an organisation’s human resource policies, procedures, practices, and compliance with legal requirements to ensure alignment with strategic objectives, identify areas for improvement, and enhance overall HR effectiveness.

HR Outsourcing

MSPIRE provides effective solutions to outsourcing HR practices of delegating specific human resource functions or processes to external service providers, allowing organisations to access specialised expertise, reduce costs, and focus on core business activities.

HR Ondemand (Onsite)

MSPIRE refers to a flexible and responsive HR service model where HR professionals are stationed onsite at an organisation to provide immediate support, guidance, and assistance with various HR needs, ensuring timely and personalised solutions.

Background Verification

MSPIRE provides BGV services which involves conducting thorough checks and investigations on a candidate’s educational qualifications, employment history, criminal records, and other relevant information to verify their credentials and ensure the hiring of trustworthy and qualified individuals for the organisation.

Job Search & Talent Acquisition

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