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Permanent hiring

A pool of potentially talented employees is always considered as an asset to a company. Hence, it’s extremely vital to choose the right candidate for the right job aligned with a systematic recruitment process and meticulous employer branding. At our organization, we leverage cutting-edge recruitment solution, such as Applicant Tracking Software (ATS), to ensure a seamless and structured journey for the candidate from the day we approach to the offer letter/joining.

Temporary hiring & RPO

Looking for something more short-term or smaller scale? RPO Essentials, our key recruitment solution, allows businesses of all sizes to enjoy the expertise and benefits of Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) without the typical time or resource requirements.

Bulk hiring Projects

The key to successful mass hiring is determined by hiring speed and quality. MSPIRE Ventures empowers recruiters to approach mass hiring more strategically and successfully. We already set our benchmark in the BFSI industry in multiple bulk hiring projects and moving to other industries too.

Recruitment process outsourcing (RPO)

You need to hire the Right people quickly—and have better things to do than sort through a mountain of résumés. We offer flexible, powerful, and personalised recruiting solutions to deliver the talented people your organisation needs.  

Executive Search

A rather new player in the field, MSPIRE is an HR consulting firm with a major focus on IT and Technology startups. They specialise in Executive search, leadership search and resource process outsourcing. This executive search firm helped build teams for high-end early age FinTech, Distribution channels, BFSI, IT, Real estate and Manufacturing companies. 

Job Search & Talent Acquisition

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