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Payroll & Compliances

(Unmatched Payroll Expertise)

We’re making centralised team management so easy, businesses don’t need to think twice. We take the challenge out of payroll and compliance in India. so you can focus on the important stuff. Unmatched coverage. Dedicated support. No hidden fees.

In-house payroll experts

Need help navigating local payroll nuances? Our in-house payroll and HR advisors are experts in local jurisdictions across India.

Reliably fast support

Whether you need to run off-cycle payroll or urgent help, resolve any issue with a dedicated CSM and 24/7 via calls/emails.

Payroll and HR, together

From visa support to managing PTO (Paid time off) and expenses, managing all things payroll is easier with MSPIRE.

End data errors

No more inconsistent reporting and SLAs from multiple systems. Rely on one process and a single POC at MSPIRE

Job Search & Talent Acquisition

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