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Mspire Ventures Collaborates with Lending kart, HDFC Bank, Axis, Arman Finance, Ttech

Mspire Ventures Collaborates with Lending kart, HDFC Bank, Axis, Arman Finance, Ttech


At Mspire Ventures, we are thrilled to announce our strategic collaborations with leading
financial institutions and technology companies, including Lendingkart, HDFC
Bank, Axis, Arman Finance, and Ttech. These partnerships mark a significant
milestone in our journey toward fostering innovation and driving positive
change in the financial technology landscape.

In this blog post, we delve into the details of each collaboration, highlighting the mutual
benefits, shared goals, and innovative solutions that emerge from these dynamic

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Collaboration with Lendingkart:

Lendingkart is renowned for its innovative approach to small business lending, leveraging advanced technology and data analytics to provide seamless access to credit. Our collaboration with Lendingkart aims to streamline the lending process, enhance credit assessment capabilities, and expand access to financial services for underserved segments of the market.

Work with leandingkart in Operation Executive and Telesales Execuitve in this opportunity need experience 0 to 1 year, any graduation we required and salary up to 22k CTC + Incentive (Based on interview) interested candidates share your CV on

Collaboration with HDFC Bank:

HDFC Bank stands as a leader in the banking industry, known for its commitment to customer service excellence and innovation. Our collaboration with HDFC Bank focuses on leveraging technology to enhance customer experiences, optimize operational efficiency, and drive digital transformation across various banking services and products.

Work with HDFC Bank in Classic on Phone, Service Officer and Virtual Relationship Banker. Apply on this designation just click : classic on phone (link), service officer (link), virtual relationship banker (link). Interested candidates send cv on

Collaboration with Axis Bank:

Axis is at the forefront of digital banking innovation, offering a wide range of innovative solutions and services to its customers. Our collaboration with Axis aims to explore synergies between technology and banking, with a focus on developing cutting-edge solutions that address evolving customer needs and preferences in the digital age.

Work with Axis bank in Officer Sales and Assistant Manager. If you want to apply in officer sales graduate and minimum 1 year of experience of sales, salary up to 20k CTC + incentive or Assistant Manager graduate and minimum 2 years of experience of BFSI, salary up to 29k + incentive based on interview. Interested can send CV on

Collaboration with Arman Finance:

Arman Finance is a trailblazer in the field of microfinance, empowering individuals and communities through accessible financial services and support. Our collaboration with Arman Finance aims to drive financial inclusion, expand access to microcredit, and foster economic empowerment among underserved populations, particularly in rural and semi-urban areas.

Work with Arman Finance in Mortgage Loan Officer and Assistant Mortgage Manager. For apply just click : (Link), (Link). Interested candidates send cv on

Collaboration with TTEC:

For over 40 years, through our customer experience BPO, technology, consulting, and analytics services, we deliver optimized customer care, tech support, sales, AI operations, and trust and safety solutions. We help companies continuously optimize CX and business outcomes to deliver the highest customer satisfaction at the lowest cost of conversation.

Work with TTEC in Chat Customer Service. Shift : US Shift , Working day : 5 (2 relational offs), work from office, graduate can apply, one way transportation, one time dinner facility and more click here to know more about this job (Link). Interested candidates send cv on

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At MSpire Ventures, we believe that collaboration is key to driving innovation and achieving meaningful impact in the financial technology ecosystem. Our partnerships with Lendingkart, HDFC Bank, Axis, Arman Finance, and Ttech exemplify our commitment to forging synergies, leveraging collective expertise, and pioneering solutions that shape the future of finance.

We are excited about the possibilities that lie ahead and look forward to driving continued success through collaborative innovation. Together, we will redefine the boundaries of possibility and unlock new opportunities for growth, prosperity, and inclusion in the digital economy.

This blog post highlights MSpire Ventures’ strategic collaborations with Lendingkart, HDFC Bank, Axis, Arman Finance, and Ttech, emphasizing the shared goals, innovative solutions, and mutual benefits that emerge from these partnerships in the financial technology landscape.

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